Superior Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Knoxville, TN

If your wood floors are showing their age and need to be restored and repaired, make no mistake: Grigore’s Hardwood Flooring is here to provide you with simply unparalleled services, to breathe new life into your gorgeous wood installation.



Hardwood Floor Repairs

Traditional hardwood floors need routine and regular upkeep to stay healthy and beautiful, which includes sanding before refinishing. Sanding is typically an extremely dusty process, which can kick debris into the air that may lower your air quality or disrupt the integrity of the finishing process.

Today, with the Atomic DCS (Dust Containment System), sanding hardwood floors is a cleaner, safer and healthier process! Air born dust is captured and contained, removing it from the sanding area. Grigore’s Hardwood Flooring utilizes this innovative dust collection and mitigation system to ensure a dust-free, non-toxic refinishing process for your floors.



Refinishing is the act of applying a new top finish to your floors, to reinvigorate them and bring back the beautiful appeal of properly maintained hardwood. Refinishing can resolve wear marks, small scratches or other types of damage that may have marred your existing finish.

We’re the premier experts when it comes to hardwood floor refinishing in Knoxville, TN and take pride in being able to assist you in the complete refinishing process. From stripping away the old finish, to cleaning up your wood, to laying on a brand new, perfectly coordinated finish, we take pride in presenting our customers with the very best results.



Wood has the potential to become damaged over time and as a result, can look lackluster or of low quality if there’s abrasions or scratches. Moreover, larger damages such as gouges in the planks, holes from old installations or warping due to moisture damage can all affect flooring for the worse.

We take pride in providing you with comprehensive repairs to your wood flooring that are done to a superior level of quality. When our professionals are done you’ll be left with flooring that exudes integrity and sophistication.

Whether you’re considering sanding, repairing and refinishing your wood flooring or you’re considering the prospect of a laminate floor install in Knoxville, TN, Grigore’s Hardwood Flooring is ready to assist you.


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